ported that total crime was down 5.9 percent in May compared to the same time last year. One of the more prevalent drops was for homicides, which were down 16.3 percent. Through .

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e document makes a synthesis of all the common efforts in a way that both people and governments face the problems of the current world," Rodriguez said. LA PAZ, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) .

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nadians and Canadian food companies take immediate steps to cut the amount of salt in their food. The 25-member Sodium Working Group, established by then health minister Tony Cleme.

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s not making any move" to seek the position of the UN secretary-general after leaving office at year-end, sources from the Brazilian presidency told Xinhua Wednesday. Lula will lea.

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leagues. WASHINGTON, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Jack Welch, former chief of General Electric, on Wednesday defended his doubt on the latest U. S. unemployment figures saying they were ".

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, and it does not offer right solutions for the immigration issue." Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Friday approved the law, which makes it a crime to stay illegally in the United Sta .

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wer Generation Nuclear. In addition to language ability, Tao cites the following key factors in immigrants' successfully adjusting to their new country. Immigrants must not restrict.

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at "seek to take a shortcut and incite violence," stressing the opposition will continue to fight unjustness. "We will continue this fight until the end. Struggles for just causes .

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nfer death due to Holmes' severe schizophrenia, according to the juror, following the defense's argument not to put someone to death "who is sick." "I think the issue of mental ill.

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